How to fill the 15 cm deviation in the Marmaray

How to complete the 15 cm deviation in Marmaray: Marmaray's 9 A mixed claim to the Marmaray project, which was planned to be opened in October, was confused. Sözcü Necati Doğru, Marmaray in the direction of Sirkeci 15 centimeters deviation is detected, because of the error due to the cost is not corrected, claimed that the gold under the deviation.

Regarding the Marmaray project, which is the subject of controversy due to the uncertainties related to the project and the appeals of the experts, Sözcü The author Necati Dogru made a question put forward in the head. According to True, a deviation of 15 centimeters, which would be critical for tube passage, was eliminated by cak six refills önem because it would be costly to correct the error.

Ir This is not a 'dissenting and saying that every power of power is bad'. This 'enlightenment wanting' an article saying, "began writing the truth, the article said that the project is continually delayed and Turkey reacted damage continued as follows: The real problem is not the delay. The main problem I will write to you today is; 'Delayed project 4 years 2014 years to sag, Turkey's money and wasting time' is not. The real problem; Covering and hiding the vital fault made during the construction of the 'Tube Tunnel' which will connect the Marmara Sea to the two sides (between Üsküdar and Sirkeci).

Error reported but Hata
It was the deepest sea immersed tube gate project in the world. The entire tunnel was a 11 unit. At the seabed (after zeroing down) a trapezoidal channel 8 meter wide is opened at the 75 meter 12 inch. Each unit is inserted into this channel by inserting it together with submerged tube passage technology; It was added to the European side from the Asian side. The insertion and insertion had to be flawless and would not deviate from the shaft. Because the 2 train (12 tons of freight trains and 750 tonnes passenger trains weighing 190 tons) would pass each 10 per minute through the paved rails. The first unit 11 was installed. Then the 10 unit. Then the 9 and 8 units. When the 7 unit was reached, the engineers of the constructive company found a '15 vertical deviation' in the direction of Sirkeci. If I write it exaggerated to understand; This would be the vertical deviation of the 15 centimeter rails to reach the Harem office of Topkapı Palace (!). According to the contract, the producer company had to notify the regional company DLH Istanbul Regional Manager of the 'mistake'. It was reported.

They filled in because they cost
Haluk İbrahim Özmen, Regional Manager of DLH Istanbul, asked for the unit to be disassembled and replaced. Producer companies chief project manager Hidemi OHMI (Japanese), 'we have added the 7'nun unit, he 6 vertical correction we've undermined the vertical deviation,' 'they replied. The producer chose the way of filling the company because correcting the error increased the cost. Eurasia, the consulting company entered. The correspondence between the three companies (I send the documents to the person I have) continues. Eurasian chief project manager Steen Lykke (Danish) resigned and went to his country because of the mistake. And the Eurasian Tube Crossing otur 15 vertical drift gün was completed by filling six, on the eve of the test drive began with the train in which the Prime Minister took the driver's seat.

How to fill when unknown
The error was filled with what. How it was filled. When it was filled. There is no clear, clear, reliable information. There is no confirmation that this error will not result in a train accident leading to the deaths of hundreds of people. The '5 degree vertical deviation' entered into the 'pottery lie' and into the tube before entering the Marmaray project, which cost 15 billion dollars. This is an accident that resembles a murder in the future 'enlightenment' is the article.

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