40 percent of the population will travel by high-speed train

40 percent of the population will travel by high speed train: Binali Yıldırım, who described the liberalization of the railways as a historical decision, explained that there is no problem in High Speed ​​Train (YHT) lines. Minister Yıldırım said:

“From time to time, YHTs have to use conventional lines, especially in urban areas. At the entrance to Eskişehir, we could not finish the underground pass, the initiative in the 6-kilometer section passes to the mechanic. If it goes with 60 instead of 120, there is a risk of accident. There is no way to prevent accidents. The world's most advanced restraint system is being used in Turkey. "

40 in Turkey where 14 percent of the population will be interconnected by high-speed train line in 5 years, emphasizing the Lightning, "from the end of this year the company will take high-speed railway between Ankara and Istanbul. October 29th is an important date for Turkey's Marmaray will also inaugurated on this date, "he said.


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