3. the future of the bridge depends on this report

  1. The future of the bridge depends on this report: An environmental impact assessment will be carried out in order to obtain loans from international banks on the 3rd bridge, which is called "There is no need for an EIA report."

3 exempted from the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process as per the regulations. an environmental and sociological impact assessment report (EES) will be prepared for the bridge instead of EIA. Answering the question of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO), the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications stated that 'the preparation of the report requested by foreign creditors in the credit supply process is underway'.
An interesting detail emerged from the information given by the Ministry. 3, which continues the construction of road building, ending the cutting process. the expropriation work of the bridge project has not yet started.

2.3 billion dollars expected
In the Bosphorus, the IC İçtaş-Astaldi partnership 7, which took the tender for the new bridge planned to be built between Garipçe and Poyrazköy, signed a 2.3 agreement with a billion dollar intention. 3. EIA report for the bridge will not be prepared, but at the request of the bank 7 'environmental and sociological effects of the project will be included in the' ÇESD 'report will be held.
3. This important detail about the bridge was created by the Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO) on the right to obtain information. The General Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said:
"After the tender made to be carried out by the Build-Operate-Transfer method, the route reworked with all the details, the horizontal and vertical geometry standards of the highway, the geological and geotechnical structure, the state of expropriation, the connections to be provided by the existing and planned roads, the opinions received from the relevant institutions, environmental impacts and It was evaluated according to criteria such as aesthetic appearance. As a result of this evaluation, certain parts of the highway project emerged due to the project revision and the route was optimized ... Although the project is exempted from the provisions of the EIA Regulation in the project, which is planned to be financed with external resources, foreign lenders are required to prepare an EIA (or ÇESD) report during the loan procurement process. . The expropriation procedures and real estate valuation studies have not started yet, and the expropriation costs have not been determined yet.

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