11. Transportation and Railways

  1. Transportation and our railways: The preparatory works for the 5th Transportation Council, which is planned to be held on September 11, started with the sector meetings. We hope that this process can be operated to solve the transportation problems of our country. Undoubtedly, the priority for the correct operation of this process; is to evaluate the previous council decisions with a holistic understanding.
    But; we are discussing the railway at this stage because the previous Council 10. It is worth remembering what is mentioned in the name of railways in the Transportation Council.
  2. In the Transportation Council, in the 2023 year, we have seen what is foreseen among the goals shared with the public under the title of hedef Railway Sector's Route ılan;
    - Renewal of existing lines, signaling, electrification of all lines.
    - Completion of 2 thousand 622 mileage high-speed train network 2012 until the works are completed.
    Up to-2023 6 thousand 792 kilometers to build a new high-speed train network.
    -2023 4 thousand 707 kilometers by the construction of the conventional new line.
    -Integration with all port and organized industrial zones.
    - On the passenger side of the share of the share of the percentage 10, increase the load 20 percent.
    -The announcement of the September 22 "day without a car".
    With all these investments, the Iron Silk Road Project from Edirne to Basra, which has approximately 2000 km in our country, will be implemented and the average speed in freight transport will be increased to 100 km. The total size of these investments is; estimated to be around $ 202 billion.
    Before a new perspective is drawn, we hope that the passion of the objectives and the realization of the facts reflecting the realities should be the primary task of this commission.
    I think it is necessary to remember the two separate works that we believe should shed light on the works to be carried out and also carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
    The first of these; aim, within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and the European Union's TEN-T system in the nature of the extension of Turkey multi-mode (multimodal) transport network (Core Network) is identified as Tina project development.
    Based on the 2004 year, the current transport network of our country has been examined and projections have been made for 2020 year according to transportation modes.
    Accordingly, in 2020, the share of rail in total passenger transportation (according to the reference scenario) is estimated to be% 2,2 and it is foreseen that if long-term investments can be completed, it can be as high as% 4,1. In freight transportation, it is foreseen that the rail share may increase to% 9,3 except for the pipeline transportation.
    The other study is Transportation Master Plan Strategy Study.
    The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has also included parallel findings in the study prepared in 2004. However, the Strategy Document states that it is possible to increase the share of the railway to 2023 for 20 by emphasizing the importance of freight transport.

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