YHT excavation in the FOREST field

YHT excavation in the FOREST field: CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar, during the period when the Assembly is on holiday, the whole time is spent in the election region of Kocaeli. Akar, who is a very follower on environmental issues, has revealed that Kızılçam forest area on the ridges of the Körfez District Kirazlıyalı region has been transformed into excavation dump area.

Haydar Akar, Metropolitan Municipality, YHT construction to reduce the costs of the contractor in the construction of the Red Pine forest area in the area of ​​excavation dump site claimed to show. Akarn said, ül 500-600 cubic meters are excavated in this area. The coasts of the Gulf district were taken to the ports and finished. Forest areas are also destroyed by excavation. I will bring this issue to the agenda of the Parliament. Bu

Source : http://www.ozgurkocaeli.com.tr



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