Which brand sponsored Istanbul metro station

Which brand sponsored Istanbul metro station
Istanbul Metro is making a first in the world and it starts to receive advertisements in the names of metro stations.

First, M2 Hacıosman-Şişhane metro station, which is being implemented at Atatürk Oto Sanayi station, says 'no more'.

Vodafone, the brand that uses the application for the first time, was added to the Atatürk Auto Industry Station. When the metro arrives at the station, the announcement is made as one Atatürk Auto Industry Vodafone Station Metro.

Not only announcements, but the plates inside the subway station were also changed to Vodafone. In addition, the stairs took place in Vodafone coatings. The M2 metro carries more than 230.000 passengers per day.

Istanbul Transportation Inc., which wants to increase its profitability by obtaining additional income besides ticket sales revenues, rented 22 from 292 commercial station in 166 metro station with the auction it opened in November last year. One of the winners at the auction, Kahve Dunyasi opened its branches at 15 station and started its activities.

The companies that offer the highest prices include Turkcell, Avea, Starbucks, Neighboring Oven, Black Oven, Mado and Watson. 300 XnumX square meter auction auction stands for more use in the square meter rent 2 thousand dollars up. In addition, the 101 ATM device area was also leased to banks. Banks are renting 200 bucks to a half square meter payment point. These areas in the metro stops were rented for 4 yearbook.

In those days when there is a big competition in advertising in Istanbul, what other brands will sponsor the stations? If so, we will see tragicomic names like Taksim Turkcell Station, Aksaray Samsung station.

Source : http://www.fozdemir.com

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