Van Gets First Cable Car

Van got his first ropeway: Necmedin Direk sought alternative ways when his neighbor could not give him a way.
Direk, who realized the cable car model he encountered in Trabzon on his own land, rolled up his sleeves for electrical energy from the wind. Bringing the first cable car to Van, Direk opened a water canal kilometers away to irrigate its dry land and turned its land into a green area.

In the central village of Kurubaş on the Van-Hakkari road, a citizen named Necmedin Direk created his alternatives when he was not guided by his neighbor. When the road to his field has not been given for 4 years, Direk solved the road problem with the cable car he invented. Direk, which is not limited to inventing the first ropeway in Van, has made its land in arid soil a green area with various fruits and vegetables by bringing water from miles away. Direk rolled up his sleeves to start producing electricity with wind energy in his field, which is now on a high hill. Stating that the owner of the land on the road to his field did not allow for the road, Direk said that he met the cable car in Trabzon, where he went for business purposes.

Lifestyle with alternative ideas

After returning from Trabzon, he shared the idea of ​​coming together with the residents of the village to make a cable car, and said that the people of the village were ridiculed. Direk said, “I had thought of building the cable car. After finding the necessary materials to make the cable car, I got into work and for 4 years, I saved both time and started to process my field in a more practical way without any trouble. ” Direk said that the invention of the ropeway, as well as the needs of the villagers, benefited from this, that they met their needs, especially in an emergency or when there was a patient, and that the village children from time to time could also go on the ropeway for play. Direk, who solves the road problem with a practical method to his field, said, “The water I brought with my own means comes almost from the foothills of Mount Erek. Since the field was located on the hill, it could not get water. I also created a channel by scraping kilometers of soil with pipes. I currently have enough water to irrigate my field. I am thinking of making a pool here to avoid wasting water here. ”

'I will generate electrical energy by wind'

Despite the limited village conditions, Direk pointed out that he learned all the tricks of cultivating the land, and pointed out the tricks of cultivation of the land by hand, “The soil is like a child. How you grow it grows like that. ” With its own efforts, Direk grows hazelnut, quince, apple, plum, apricot, walnut, rose, poplar, parsley, radish, strawberry, grape and cucumber in its dry land. Direk, who amazed everyone with his inventions to the village life, said that he will produce electricity with wind energy in his field in a hilly area and says, “I believed in the soil, I made efforts, and after that I will continue working without harming the soil.”

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