Uzungöl Ropeway Project will Bring the Future to the forefront in Tourism

Uzungöl Teleferic Implementation
Uzungöl Teleferic Implementation

Ropeway Project Uzungöl'de Town Tourism will be brought to the fore: the cable car project in the district town of Uzungol in Trabzon, Turkey's most important tourism centers Caykara is aimed to be an increase in the number of tourists.

Şükrü Fettahoğlu, a businessman from Trabzon and a businessman of Turkish descent in the United Arab Emirates. Uzungol cable car which was founded by Necdet Kerem Construction Tourism and Energy Industry Trade Limited Company, works in order to implement the ropeway project in the town of Uzungöl in the district of Çaykara in Trabzon, at a distance of 2 thousand 403 meters.

The businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu from Trabzon, who made statements on the subject, said that with the cable car project, there would be a fifty percent increase in the number of people visiting Uzungöl.

Fettahoğlu said, dün Uzungöl is a brand in the world. When there is a ropeway in this area, the estimated number of human beings visiting Uzungol will increase by fifty percent. The chance of this region is that both summer and winter. Highland tourism, eco tourism developed in the Black Sea Region. But we can not get the result we want in winter tourism. Unfortunately, the number of people in Uzungöl in winter is almost non-existent. However, Uzungön has very beautiful mountains, ready-made stone without trees and trees. Everywhere in this area, the ski center is ready to be built. I can say that the event is a cable car sector has remained far behind in Turkey. Imagine that 10 is a state with a population of millions of inhabitants of every village in Austria at the top of each 32 thousand cable cars are milyon he said.

Fettahoğlu stated that the cable car to be built in Uzungöl will consist of 3 station and said: istasyon Our ropeway consists of 3 station. The first station and the second station are five hundred meters from the hotel. Under the Uzungöl foot we chose a place at a height of one thousand 870 meters. The third station, the last station, will also do 2 bin 460 meters. From there, we will do 2-3 navigation. Mr. Erdoğan Bayraktar, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that we are officially our patron. Dear Governor, The Minister of Forestry Water Affairs Mr. Eroğlu is constantly supporting us. After the official procedure is completed, the biggest Dopingmer company in Austria, which we deal with, will complete and deliver the cable car in 5 a month. In Uzungol, in the summer season alone, there are four thousand 700 people. I think this number will increase by 50 rate, land he said.

Fettahoğlu businessman from Trabzon, said:

“With this cable car, people will go to the second station by watching both Uzungöl and Haldizen Valley. There will be grass fields, hiking trails and restaurants. Then they will take the cable car to the 2rd Station, following Uzungöl. We are planning to build ski resorts here. Later, there will be safaris in the mountains as far as Rize, Erzurum and Bayburt. We will use this cable car both for summer tourism and winter tourism in winter. - News3

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