Uludağ Cable Car construction works in full swing

Uludağ Cable Car construction works in full swing
29 In October, Sarıalan'a, ski season, the Hotel Zone in the cable car aiming to carry passengers, half of the construction completed. On the one hand, while the construction of the station was continuing, planting of the poles was started. While the majority of the masts are erected by crane, the poles will be planted with the help of helicopters in areas where transportation is not suitable.


In total, the 45 and 4 station building will be built about the authorities, Kadıyayla and Sarıalan stations in the collapse of Teferrüç and Kadıyayla stations in the construction of the ongoing said.

Local authorities will be proud of a facility that will be served soon, the authorities, the stations are waiting to be affected by the weather and the various services are designed in such a way that they can receive various services. 8 people will be transported by 175 gondola cabins with 1800 people.

Source : http://www.olay.com.tr



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