TÜPRAŞ 300 takes train wagon

TÜPRAŞ 300 takes train wagon
Turkey Petroleum Refineries Inc.-TÜPRAŞ 300 taking the train cars. Yavuz Erkut, General Manager of TÜPRAŞ, opened the doors of İzmit Refinery to the Energy Journalists and Media Association (EGAD). Erkut stated that TÜPRAŞ aims to make İzmit the world's most refined refinery and said: dönüşüm In the investment of 2.7 billion-dollar fuel-oil conversion project, all of the main equipments were brought to the field and the installation phase was finalized. After 505 days the plant will be commissioned, X he said.

TÜPRAŞ General Manager made important statements

Erkut; Batman, Kırıkkale, Izmir and Izmit refineries between semi-finished products for the transportation of railways to date 15-20 million dollars in investment, stating that they have given this field a new investment message. Erkut stated that TÜPRAŞ is still the second largest customer of TCDD in its transportation with its wagon around 150 and said, v We will get another 300 wagon. There will be special railcars available for transportation. When we buy these wagons, TÜPRAŞ will become the 1 customer of TCDD. Konum Erkut said that they bought two ships and added that these ships would carry permanent products between İzmir and İzmit refineries. Erkut, “These ships, Izmirden İzmite will carry 1 million tons of fuel oil per year. e

Erkut emphasized that this project will enable TÜPRAŞ to work with higher capacity in İzmir, Kırıkkale and Batman refineries. Currently, the 80 million tonnes of 90 million tonnes of Kirikkale Refinery can be used. This amount will increase, Bu he said.

We are not a monopoly

In Turkey, it is free to import petroleum industry and proximity xnumx't more refineries explaining that in a big competition Erkut refineries in Israel Ceyhan, the refineries in Greece, Izmir and Antalya, the Russian refinery on the Black Sea Trabzon and Samsun He is very close to stressed. Erkut, "although only TÜPRAŞ in Turkey, not monopoly," he said. And there are many rivals in the Mediterranean Sea.

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    1. We are hoping that Tüpraş will be able to consider the new production of fuel-oil wagons needed for fuel-oil lives in a positive manner in terms of its advantages, thanks to Tüpraş's breakthroughs, capacity increases, fuel speed and cost advantages.