Transportation and Removal of Trees for Yenimahallede Cable Car Station


Transport and Removal of Trees for Yenimahallede Cable Car Station: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek related to the transportation and removal of part of the trees in Yunus Emre Junction for the cable car station between Yenimahalle and Şentepe. others are dismantled because there is no transportation possibility. tanesi

Mayor Gökçek noted that the works for the construction of a ropeway were among the tanesi environmentally friendly X projects of the Metropolitan Municipality. 4 has been removed because there is no transportation possibility olanağı. In Turkey, most trees planted MAG President pointed out that the city of Ankara, said:

I When I became Mayor, the green space per person in Ankara was 2 square meter. It's been 19 years. At this time, the amount of green space per person per square meter 19. In the meantime, the population of 19 two-fold growth in the year if we think that the green field in fact 38 square meter can say clearly. This means that the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara has planted trees every year in the last 19 annually in the 71 annual Republican history. In Ankara, the city with the highest green space per capita, no one can give lectures on the greening works to the Metropolitan Municipality.


Emphasizing that they will make a record level of greening within the scope of the project carried out at Atatürk Forest Farm, Gökçek said dik In addition, the number of trees to be planted and planted within the 6 months will be 150 bin and the number of plants will be 1000 units of 500 içinde.

When necessary, first of all, President Gökçek stated that they made efforts for the transportation of trees.

Yok No one needs to show up. We would like to ask some people who made excuses to do things and take action, 'Do you have planted a tree in your life?' These people, we give importance to our green and work to leave the show where they would like to thank. They shouldn't stop work in the capital.

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