Train Crash 77 Dead in Spain

train accident in spain
train accident in spain

Train accident in Spain: According to the first information in the investigation, which occurred when the passenger train on the Madrid-O Ferrol flight in Spain derailed near the entrance of Santiago Compostela station in Galicia, the accident was caused by high speed.

Sources close to the Spanish National Railways Network (RENFE) firm said the bend where the accident occurred was very dangerous and difficult. In the first information leaked to the Spanish press from the experts who conducted the investigation, it was stated that there was data that the train entered the bend, which should be entered at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, at a much higher speed. Although there is no official statement yet, it was claimed that the accident was caused by "high speed and human error". Interior Ministry sources also announced that there is no possibility of an accidental attack.

Meanwhile, in the history of Spain, 1944 people died on the Palencia-La Coruna line in 500, and 1972 people died on the Cadiz-Sevilla line in 77, after which the biggest train accident in the country's history took place. According to statistics, it was the first fatal accident on this line since 1992, when the high-speed train line was put into service in Spain.

According to the latest unofficial figures given about the accident in Alvia, which is the second-tier high-speed train in Spain, capable of speeding a maximum of 250 kilometers per hour, it was noted that the accident was in the order of 20.41, 238 passengers were on the train and the death toll reached 50. As the official source, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, the head of the Galicia autonomous administration, said, "We can talk about the death toll between 45-47 for now". While the 13 wagons on the train were derailed, it was seen in the images after the accident that 1 wagon took off about 5 meters with the effect of the crash, and there were many corpses on the ground.

While all the celebrations foreseen due to the feast in the city of Santiago Compostela were canceled due to the accident, it was announced that the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy would go to the scene in the morning. Minister of Public Works Ana Mato, who went to the area after the accident, said, "We are working together in coordination in this very dramatic event."

The fourth largest train crash in the world since June occurred in Spain, while on 13 June in Argentina (3 dead 315 injured), in Canada (7 dead) on 50 July and in France on 12 July ( 6 dead, 30 injured) train accidents.



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