Topbaş: New Metro will bring Istanbul to the sea

New Metro will bring Istanbul to the sea: Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who gave the iftar to the muhtars of Istanbul, announced and added that they will meet the inner parts of Istanbul with the sea with the new metro project:

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who met with the muhtars of Istanbul at the iftar dinner at the Haliç Congress Center, said that the 18 km subway which will be tendered on 17.5 September is exciting for Istanbul residents. Topbas; “There is no municipality in the world that makes so many subways from its own budget and resources. we have made Turkey's largest subway. Kadıköy-We managed the Eagle line. Likewise, the Ümraniye line will now end at a record level of 38 months. Now, Mahmutbey, regions such as Başakşehir, Bahçeşehir, Kayabaşı in the north, Halkalıfrom Çağlayan, who will connect Gaziosmanpasha, which also includes a part of Avcilar, to the sea. KabataşWe lay down the tender for a line that lies on the Bosphorus. Istanbulites will experience the pride of living in the city again. ”

Short distance to Metrobus, long distance to the metro

Providing information about the metro works in Istanbul, President Kadir Topbaş said that the metro time has come on the metrobus line. “Many people do not take the metrobus during some peak hours because they are uncomfortable. Kadir Topbaş said, "If it is a little relaxed, it will exceed 1 million."

“But today, it is not possible to reach that capacity with the existing devices. Because there is an increasing population in that region. As a support to the metro to be built, the metrobus will continue. Those who want to go on the metro or short distances for a few stops will be able to use the metrobus. For this reason, we will not remove the metrobus system. Because the two lines will support each other. Both systems will be needed as the population of the region is growing and when we consider the backs of the E-5. A metro line is also needed towards Arnavutköy. We have a rail system tram passing over Sultançiftliği. If we consider the new residential areas in the north, the metro becomes preferred. Wherever there is a settlement, Istanbul will see the metro. Our studies exceed 700-800 kilometers. This will make Istanbul one of the cities with the most metro networks in the world. New York has 800 kilometers. Paris has nearly 500 kilometers of subway. Istanbul will surpass them. It is our dream to go to Beykoz and Sarıyer by metro along the coast. Nobody will get up and go individually by traffic-intensive vehicles. We are preparing for this. The most important agenda of our table is subways, tunnel roads… We have built 272 intersections and roads in this city. There are 29 more. We always untie knots. Nodes are in front of us. It is our job to solve what I am missing. Traffic is the main problem in all metropolises. Our goal is to facilitate access by metro. We want everyone to have an Istanbul card in their pocket, so let the city use it.

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