ThyssenKrupp will set up escalators and elevators of the Marmaray project!

ThyssenKrupp Marmaray project will set up escalators and elevators of: Century project is seen as the Marmaray project at ThyssenKrupp Elevator Turkey, OHL and dimetronicjointventur to (ODJV) According to the contract signed by 36 station and in total, including 155 escalators and 191 elevator for the annex building will provide 346 unit.

Project of the century as seen ThyssenKrupp Elevator Marmaray Project in Turkey, OHL and dimetronicjointventur to (ODJV) According to the contract signed by the 36 155 station and in total, including escalators and elevators for additional buildings will be my 191 346 Unite TM.

The Marmaray Railway Tube Tunnel and the Suburban Railways in Istanbul are the most challenging and interesting projects of recent times. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation project, one of the largest investments are divided into three; Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (BC1), Improvement of Commuter Lines (CR3), Railway Vehicles Supply (CR2).

ThyssenKrupp Elevator covers the 65 km line in this project, on the European side. Halkalı will be responsible for the CR3 Agreement, which connects Gebze with the Asian side and forms the longest part of the project.

The CR3 Agreement includes the complete renewal of the existing two-track railway system, in addition to the suburban line, to form a three-line railway route, including the intercity line and freight train line. CR3 Contract outside the 36 station, warehouse, workshop and administration buildings, such as auxiliary buildings are able to connect. BC1 part on the Asian and European sides to connect the two sides of the city will continue the uninterrupted rail transport.

Under the agreement, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Turkey, capacity will be changing my asansörlerte between the 1250 and 4000 kg kg. The majority of the elevators will be located at the stations and will be panoramic. Passengers will be installed on the pedestrian overpasses along the line, and passenger, freight and service elevators will be installed in the warehouse and management buildings. Escalators will be built in stations and will be heavy-duty.

In It is very important for our company to be one of the key suppliers of this great project. This is an indication of trust in our products, especially in such comprehensive projects. ThyssenKrupp Elevator will meet the high standards of the Marmaray Project at the highest level. Th
Approximately 14 million people living in Istanbul, one of the biggest cities in the world, besides being the most populous city in Turkey. With the Marmaray Project, which is expected to be a long-term solution to the city's current urban transportation problems, the 1.500.000 will be transported on a daily basis.




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