The truth behind the train crash in Spain

The reality behind the train crash in Spain: Spain has doubled its speed limit and the speeches of the trainee's train driver were released. How can we get out? I want to die. Öl

An investigation has been launched against the mechanic and his assistant who survived the high-speed train accident that caused 78 deaths and 130 injuries in Spain.

After the accident, the black box of the train was handed over to the judge assigned to investigate the incident. The Daily Mail claimed that the black box had been examined and that they had reached the evidence.

According to the records, Francisco Jose Garzon, the train driver, asks the controller what to do after the high-speed train goes off the rails. Realizing the size of the accident, Garzon said, “What can I do? How can we survive? I want to die ”she screams.


Meanwhile, the Spanish media covered the messages that mechanic Francisco Jose Garzon Amo shared on social media in the last year. Machinist Amo took a picture of the speedometer that went up to 200 on Facebook last year and posted it with the message 'I am at the limit, if I speed more, I will get a penalty'.

Commenting on the machinist's message, his friends warned of 'brake, slow down.' Francisco Jose Garzon, who survived the accident injured, was treated after the accident. It was determined that the high speed train with 247 passengers used by Garzon went twice as fast as the normal speed limit.




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