TCDD takes active role in determining international railway standards

TCDD takes active role in determining international railway standards
The International Union of Railways (UIC) discussed efforts to establish International Railway Standards (IRS) at the meetings held in Paris, France. TCDD officials attended the meeting, gave information about the standardization studies on railways and exchanged views.

UIC, 26 on 28-2013 16 June 26, in the capital of France in the scope of status meetings. European Regional Board (82 June), UIC Executive Board and 27. General Assembly (1520 June) held meetings. TCDD was represented by the delegation headed by İsmet Duman, Deputy General Manager. The focus of the meetings was on studies on standardization carried out by the UIC at both European and world level. In this context, the meeting was informed about the final status of UIC's technical cooperation agreements with international standardization organizations such as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and ISO. International Railway Standards (IRS) studies were carried out. One of the notable developments in this work was the creation of the 1520 international railway standards by combining the International Railways Cooperation Organization (OSJD) and UIC standards for the railways with the 21 mm rail span run by UIC. Another project initiated within the scope of standardization studies was the updating of UIC vouchers in the meeting. Within the scope of the project, it will be announced that XNUMX UIC plug will be updated this year. As part of the standardization efforts at European level, a technical agreement was signed between the UIC and the European Railway Agency (ERA) on the continuous synchronization of the relevant sections of ERA Technical Documents and UIC vouchers for Telematics Applications (TAP) for passengers.

In addition to TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman, UIC General Manager Jean-Pierre Lobinoux, UIC Communications Director and Middle East Coordinator Paul Veron, New Saudi Railway Organization President Mohammed Khaled Al-Suwaiket, Vice President of International Relations responsible Abdullah Railway experts from various countries of the world, including S. Balhaddad, participated. At the meeting, the request of Saudi Railways to take a more active role in the UIC and especially in the UIC Middle East Regional Council (RAME). There was an exchange of views on potential areas of cooperation.

30 March-4 2014 will be held by UIC in April 11. UIC ERTMS World Conference was the organizing committee meeting. During the meeting held between UIC, TCDD, the organization company and the representatives of the railway industry, the issues related to the organization such as the congress budget and the program were discussed. Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman stated that they will provide all kinds of contributions as TCDD for the success of this event to be held in Istanbul Haliç Congress Center.

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