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The TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum has been left to its fate: it was abandoned to the fate of the TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum where the locomotives retired after serving in the first years of the Republic.

The people of Ankara said, hay The museum is closed to us, but it is open to substance addicts. El TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum located on the Bayal Boulevard is astonishing. It has been left to the fate of veteran steam locomotives produced in countries such as Germany, Sweden and the United States, after which they have served since the early years of the Republic. In the museum where volatile substance addicts make their wagons home, all the historical monuments are 11 steam locomotives and 2 wagons.

Citizens and wagons exhibited in the TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum, which is closed for many years, arguing that the lack of security officers at the entrance of the museum put forward the value given to the museum. The residents of the neighborhood are closed to local and foreign tourists, adding that the museum has become the stopover point for drug addicts and homeless people.

Stating that the locomotives and wagons are being used by the homeless, Mehmet Çiçek said: tarafından There is a lock on the normal entrance door of the museum. However, substance addicts and homeless people who can easily enter the wires live in freight wagons. They use volatile substances and drink alcohol. As any official does not intervene, these events are repeated every day. Herhangi


At the museum entrance where there is no official, the contact phone writes.
Ankara Hürriyet correspondent phone answering the phone call for information, the museum is closed to the normal visit, so they do not have security at the entrance, he said. He also said, alman You need permission from the authorities within the Ankara Station to visit the museum. This official will give you an official to give you an official, Bu he said.

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