TCDD made pedestrian underpass in Suluovada railway line

TCDD made pedestrian underpass in Suluovada railway line
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Suluova Hacıhayt Quarter pedestrian underpass to the railway line from the region did.

The district governor Harun Sarıfakıoğulları, who took a survey in the study area, said that the 200 student was passing by the railway because the alternative route was far away.

Sarıfakıoğulları stated that they demanded to build an underpass to Tcdd in order to prevent a sad event that may arise here and to provide security and easier transportation for children, “The construction of the pedestrian underpass was completed by the Sivas 4th Regional Road Construction Directorate. After the necessary landscaping is done, the underpass will be opened for pedestrian use ”.

TCDD Sivas 4. District Road Service Deputy Director Mehmet Sener stated that the pedestrian underpass was constructed by combining the 3 concrete block side-by-side and that the Samsun-Sivas train traffic, which was stopped due to the construction work, was reopened.

The pedestrian underpass constructed and completed for the first time in the district will be opened to the pedestrian traffic after the Suluova Municipality finishes the landscaping with the landing-exit stairs of the Directorate of Science Works.

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