TCDD General Manager Spain reviews

Spanish comment from TCDD General Manager: TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman evaluated the train accident that occurred in Spain.
Regarding the train accident that occurred in Spain the previous day, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said, “Thank God, precautions were taken so that these accidents would never happen in our country again. Because our trains are not connected to the machinery. "There is a train control system as well as the driver." Karaman met with press members at TCDD Behiçbey facilities. In a statement he made here, Karaman said that the train accident that occurred in Spain the previous day made them very upset. Karaman, who called his Spanish counterpart after the accident and received information, said, "It was very unlikely that such an accident happened, but unfortunately it happened. The trains were always passing 80 kilometers from there, and this accident happened when they passed 180 kilometers that day." Train accidents they studied no matter where, contacted the authorities after winning in Spain the 2 TCDD officials from Turkey, they sent to that country expressing Karaman, one week before they received information on-site about the train accident occurred in France told Karaman, "Thank God precautions were taken in such a way that these accidents do not happen again in our country. Such accidents are not something that will happen on our high-speed train lines. Because our trains are not connected to the mechanic. Apart from the driver, there is a train control system. There was no train control system on the line in Spain. ”Referring to the criticism regarding the suspension of suburban trains on the Xinjiang-Kayas line, Karaman said,“ There were many level crossings on the line in question. Farm crossing, Anadolu Boulevard was very troubled, we were afraid. It had a lot of passages. The municipality has included these crossings on its schedule, and we built a road to the north so that the high-speed train goes faster. "We did not operate the suburban trains while making these roads," he said.
- "We will build Başkentray for Ankara"
Explaining that they wanted to build a Başkentray with subway standards that are very suitable for Ankara, Karaman said: “We went to the tender but unfortunately we could not finish the tender. We held the tender, we said, 'Firm A won', firm B appealed to the Public Procurement Authority (KİK). KIK found us right at first, but the courts canceled it, and then the KIK canceled the tender. In the end, we failed, but we will put out the tender for the second time and we will build Başkentray in Ankara. " Noting that they will lay the foundation of Ankara Train Station soon, Karaman stated that they have started the work of Konya YHT Station now and that they will be put out to tender soon. Karaman said that they also made great efforts to open the Ankara-Istanbul YHT Line on October 29. Stating that they decided to build a second line next to the existing lines this year, Karaman stated that the railways will be double.

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