Two options for the Tajikistan railway project

two options for the project
two options for the project

Tajikistan, the country will pass through the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan railway project is on two different routes.

Tajikistan Railways Directorate noted that they will choose one of two different routes for the part of the Turkmenistan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan railway project that will pass through the country. Amanullo Hukumov, the head of the Tajikistan Railways Directorate, stated that the first option will shorten the road by 800 kilometers thanks to the 50 meter long bridge from the Celaleddin Rumi district to the Lower Pyendj. Amanullo Hukumov stated that the route to shorten the road is the second option.

Hukumov also stated that the feasibility study of the part of the Turkmen side in the project's own region and the part of the railway that will reach the Tomb of Afghanistan, has been completed. In the new railway project that will connect the Central Asian countries, the Turkmenistan side will lay a 90 km long rail and Afghanistan a 500 km long rail.

With the decision of the heads of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan in March, the railway project, the foundation of which was laid last month, will allow Central Asian countries to reach international markets through ports. It is noted that the project, which also closely concerns China, Iran and Kyrgyzstan, will be completed in 2015.


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