Important step for the Alaçam ski center project | Bursa (Special News)

Spruce ski important step for the project: Bursa Governorship, Uludag's the wonder of nature and forests spruces winter sports at the foot of the Alps suis to make Turkey has launched cooperation with the Ministry.

Stating that Alaçam, which has a total of 70 kilometers of tracks, may be one of the largest ski resorts in the world, Governor Şahabettin Harput said, “Only the track, ski lift and cable car will be built in the region. It is not possible for this place to be opened for construction. ”

Bursa Governor Şahabettin Harput said that the symbol of the city, Uludağ, has not been used at a desired level for a long time, and it has not been able to adequately host international organizations, especially in the field of sports.

Stating that Uludag was damaged due to illegal constructions in the previous periods regarding zoning applications, Harput stated that they took serious steps to use Uludag much more effectively.

Noting that long-distance runways in Uludağ are not enough, Harput said that they could not appeal to large organizations around the world and that they started a project on Alaçam in this direction.

Reminding that the Ministry of Forestry made a long-term development plan for Uludağ in 2008, Harput said, “Within the framework of this plan, we focused on the evaluation of Alaçam region for winter sports in the future. We know the field studies of Canadians and Americans about Alaçam. Very important data were reached, as Alaçam could be one of the biggest ski resorts in the world. In this direction, we specifically requested the evaluation of Alaçam from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. During the recent days of Veysel Eroğlu, our Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, in Bursa, I asked him to bring Alaçam back to the agenda. Upon this, our minister addressed this issue again. ”

Indicating that a long-distance ski track and ski lift and cable car line will be built in Alaçam, Harput said that this region will never be opened for reconstruction.

Indicating that there will be no construction here, since the Alaçam Region is a protected area, Harput said, “It may be claimed that 'will hotels be built here? None of this is in question. There is a big project in Alaçam, where only the chairlift and cable car facilities and ski slopes are available in the winter. Hotel building and social facility building will be in the lower regions or in the city. There may be construction in the villages, but it is within the boutique hotel. ”

Stating that there will be no construction in the Alaçam mountain region in any way like Uludağ, Harput said, “It is not possible to allow this in terms of the degree of the site. We cannot even do such a thing as permission. Bursa's name is green. I would not be willing to replace any services in the name of green destruction. Everything is beautiful with green. We must protect this green. The insurance of our green life. We want to take advantage of other riches here by taking advantage of this. ”

Expressing that in many parts of the world, as in Uludağ, ski slope and hotels are not in the same place, Harput continued his words as follows:
“We have made such a mistake in Uludağ in the past years by going out of the plan. In Alaçam, endemic plants and butterflies of the region can be visited and seen by nature lovers in summer. Due to the fact that the snow for 4 months will stay there for a long time in winter, longer distance skiing will be done. We are in such a serious study. The teams involved are versatile on both the area and the table. These studies will continue in line with the best use of our people, by taking care of the sensitivity of the site and nature. ”

Harput, who does not give a date for the project to be done for Alaçam, said, “These works are at the project stage. It is not the same as any place in any city center suitable for the zoning plan. The project was started on sensitive balances.

There is no turning back. ”

Noting that the project will be put out to tender by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs after the completion of the project, Harput said, “Of course, this is of course the plan and the project state. Taking into consideration the sensitivities of the plan and the project, it will be held by tender according to the criteria established by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. ”

Everyone from 7 to 70 knows to ski in Alaçam, a cute forest village on the outskirts of Uludağ, in the district of Kestel. In Uludağ, dozens of skiing gifts gifted by a ski instructor were distributed to the residents of the village. When the winter season came in the village, everyone was experiencing this excitement as there was skiing opportunity on a long track. It was learned that the tracks in Alaçam can reach a total length of 70 kilometers, and it is aimed to build 14 lifts and 36 tracks. In the region of 11 million cubic meters of ski area 6 kilometers in direct belt, the belt in slaloml aimed runway length of 16km in total length that are not available in Turkey, including 70 kilometers.



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