Train disaster in Spain, mechanic entered the bend with 190 (Video)

The train disaster in Spain, the mechanic entered the bend with 190: The train with 240 passengers on the Madrid-Ferrol expedition derailed. It is stated that at least 77 passengers died and 130 people were injured in the accident, which is described as 'one of the biggest train disasters in the history of Spain'.

At least 77 people died and 130 were injured as a result of the derailment of the passenger train between Madrid, the capital of Spain and the city of Ferrol, at the entrance of Santiago de Compostela station.

The accident occurred yesterday at TSI 21.41. According to initial reviews, the train crash is pointing to human error.

It is reported that the Alvia 151 train, owned by the operating company Renfe, is full due to the celebrations to be held in Santiago today and the total number of passengers is 247. Rescue efforts continue in the accident where 13 wagons were affected. The Municipality of Santiago de Compostela, which issued a statement after the news of the accident, announced that the Apostol celebrations were suspended.

It was noted that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy closely followed the developments from the Minister of Public Works Ana Pastor, who was at the scene.

It was claimed that the high speed train accident was caused by excessive speed, where the mechanic had to go at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, reaching up to 190.


According to the information given by the officials carrying out the investigation of the accident to the Spanish press, between the mechanic and the control center, the mechanic in the speech, the engine said that the curve took 190 miles per hour said. It was emphasized that the place where the accident occurred was known as a dangerous and difficult bend, and it was emphasized that it was not allowed to exceed the 80 speed per hour.

It was reported that a mechanic who survived the accident with a slight injury could not get out of his place by getting stuck right after the accident and shouted "We are human, we are human". It was stated that the same mechanic later spoke on the radio with the shock of the accident saying, "I hope there is no dead, if there is one I will burn out".


While a fatal accident occurred for the first time in high-speed trains that have been in service in Spain since 1992, the high-speed train named "Alvia" with the accident is known as the fastest train in the second category, which can speed up to 250 kilometers per hour.



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