Şentepeliler 3,5 will exceed the kilometer

Şentepeliler 3,5 will exceed the kilometer with the cable car: Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek, Yenimahalle Municipality, despite the blocking of the cable car on the line will finish the election, he said.

In the public transport area of ​​the transportation of citizens living in şentepe greatly relieved to MAG indicating that the ropeway project is a first in Turkey, he called on the public to citizens attended iftar. Gokcek, said: içinde We will do the cable car in Şentepe 8 will be finished in the month I hope. You'll get on the cable car, come and transfer from the metro, you won't give money, so you'll go down the 3,5 mile from Şentepe by cable car. Tel
Gokcek, the Municipality of Yenimahalle do his best to block the construction of the cable car, "God willing, or if you want to get rid of the ropeway after the election, I hope we will finish the election." He said. Gokcek, synchronized with the subway train system will help to ease the traffic in the region will not put an additional burden on the road, said the environment will be greener.


Plans were taken to transport the 4 bin 800 passenger at the time of arrival and departure in the public transportation system between Yenimahalle and Şentepe. Each 10 cabin of the 106 personality will move at the same time aware of the 200 meter jeans in the cable car system, the 3 bin will be 257 meters long and will be reached in minutes from the start to the destination 13,5.

Major cities that use cable cars for public transport include Hong Kong, Singapore, Koblenz (Germany), Bolzano (Italy), New York (USA), Portland, Oregon (USA), Caracas (Venezuela) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). .


On the other hand, the second station for the cable car to the Yunus Emre junction of the trees in the middle of the midnight residents accompanied by police reacted. The crowd gathered at the intersection last night, 40 criticized the removal of the pine tree as 30 annually they said they were, and asked for the stop to be made elsewhere.

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