Sedat PİR: The rest of the railway will come from harsit valley

Sedat PİR: The rest from the railway harsit valley is a lie: Giresun Railway Platform head Sedat Pir stated that the most perfect railway project that will connect Erzincan to Trabzon is the line coming through Harşit Valley, and all projects other than the route line to be connected to Trabzon from Tirebolu and He said that the work, which was captured by one-sided thoughts, would mean falling victim to politics.

Expressing that they heard the statements made by Ak Party group vice president and Giresun deputy Nurettin Canikli about the railway route to be connected to Trabzon via Erzincan, Sedat PİR stated in short and concise:

First of all, I did not listen to Mr. Canikli's explanations. The CDs of these explanations have come to our hands. We are a platform that defends the rights of Giresun in the context of the Railway. we will come and exchange ideas.

There are many NGOs and political party executives who support us. indispensable is the railway passing through the valley of harsit.

What happened after the 100s of positive statements, suddenly the Harşit Valley started to be negative. Let every saint member of Giresun be patient. Ya Railway will descend from the Harşit Valley. we will continue with much more determination.

Giresun and Giresunlulari to underestimate the right to be abused by everyone in this railway project is no one to exploit the incident.In case you need to inform the public as soon as the necessary explanations.

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