Bursaray Station grieves the disabled

Bursaray Station grieves the disabled
Karaman BursaRay Station. The elevators that people with disabilities should use at the station do not work. Defective. For a long time.
26 I had to embark on a subway in the waters of 20.30 on Wednesday June 2, using a disabled and wheeled car. Since the lifts were not working, we could barely lift the wheeled car with the contribution of the charitable people passing the stairs. This is a great torment for the disabled and their relatives.
I called Burulaş's 444 on the case. A lady came out. I explained the situation. Dedi Let's fill out the complaint form, Şikayet he said. The station manager came later. He saw the situation.
Why are the elevators that have been defective for a long time not repaired? Those elevators were made with taxes we all paid. But he doesn't work at all, and he's standing there just so he can decorate.
Pity, sinners. Please, a little bit of a fool

Source: Erdal ABI - bursahakimiyet.com.tr



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