Bursaray battle in arbitration: Bursa saved € 50 million

Bursaray battle in arbitration: Bursa saved € 50 million
Bursarının A Stage of Arbitration on the 4 case against the contractor 70 million euros for compensation, but the Greater 50 million euros in excess of the portion saved. Altepe says or We are trying to protect the money of Bursa on the one hand while we are doing business “Alt

Bursaray is undoubtedly the biggest investment of municipalities in Bursa. It is not as easy as preparing and implementing a project, such as Bursaray, as a project, as a project, and as a financing project.
It is advantageous to find foreign loans in international consortia tenders, but the events during the investment are often subject to the International Arbitration Court.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality lives frequently.
While he is preparing new projects in order to enlarge Bursaray and take him to the farthest parts of the city, he has to grapple with some cases about the cost of the first stage.
Güray has been sued by the International Arbitration Tribunal in The Hague for the line up from the Organized Industry and Small Industry stations to Şehreküstü, which was the first stage of Bursaray.
Some “increase in foreign exchange rates UM justified, some ehir not timely payment olarak reasoned, some eri justification times” in the case of the reasoned for a total of more than 70 million euros from the Metropolitan wants compensation.
Against the cases, each with a large amount of investment, the Metropolitan Municipality is also fighting with its administration, bureaucracy and lawyers.
So much so…
Güris'in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality requests for compensation exceeding the amount of 70 million euros opened up to date, the company's request was rejected, in other words, the amount of cases won by the Metropolitan has exceeded 50 million euros.
This is Bu
It means that Bursa's 50 million euros are saved by the legal struggle in the courts.
One of the cases has just been filed.
According to this…
During the construction of the Bursaray A Stage, Güriş asked for compensation of 13 million 242 thousand Euros as ilave additional cost for processing due to time extensions Gür.
While the arbitral tribunal in The Hague decided on 29 May 2013, the 5 decided to pay the 695 thousand 284 Euros and 1 million 903 thousand 395 Euro the default interest and 7 million 598 thousand 679 Euro compensation was paid by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.
Decision ...
Metropolitan jurists filed a lawsuit for annulment. The Hague District Court also accepted this request and 29 2013 dated May 3. He canceled the verdict.
Thus, as he was saved from paying the Metropolitan compensation, he won the case.


7.8 million euro case lost

On the grounds of alacak unpaid receivables and damages A during the construction of Phase A, Guris appealed to the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague and requested compensation of 13 million 785 thousand Euros.
The court considered the appeal of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2005, but decided to pay 7 million 841 thousand Euros for Güriş.
Upon this…
The case was filed by the Metropolitan in The Hague. But the cancellation case was rejected. This time a clean application was made, but there was a rejection decision.
Finally, the Supreme Court of The Hague ruling was requested to revise the decision, but when this was rejected, the decision of the 7.8 million Euro arbitration tribunal was finalized.
In order to implement this decision, the “recognition” and “enforcement em cases opened in the domestic courts are expected to be finalized.


Altepe: We strive to protect Bursa's money

One of the most important challenges of doing business with international consortiums is the immediate relocation of the problem to the International Arbitration Committee at The Hague. Because there are different problems in The Hague process.
As a contractor of Bursaray Stage A, the total amount of 70 million compensation requested by Güriş for the Arbitration in The Hague has been rejected.
The Metropolitan Municipality has saved Bursa's 50 million Euros.
We spoke to Recep Altepe, Mayor of the world yesterday.
He said:
”We are trying to protect Bursa's money while we are trying to serve Bursa and try to produce new projects.“
Altepe reminiscent of the lawsuits filed for the construction of Stage A also added:
Uz We are trying to invest in Bursa with our strengths and we strive to protect Bursa's money with our strengths. When we win, we are happy when we save money. We're sorry about the lost cases. Because these coins are all of us.

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - www.olaygazetesi.com.t is

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