The strike of railway workers in San Francisco paralyzed life

The strike of railway workers in San Francisco paralyzed life

Railroad workers went on strike in San Francisco, United States. The stopping of trains that serve about 400 thousand passengers a day paralyzed life in the city.

In San Francisco, one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in the United States, those who go to morning Jobs encountered a shocking surprise. Because the trains were not working because of the strike.

Municipal and rail union officials did not reach a consensus on improving salaries. California Governor Jerry Brown's attempts were not enough to change the result.

Two large trade unions, which provided public transport, decided to strike. In two days, 2 bin 400 left work with a union.

With the strike, life in San Francisco turned into a nightmare. The people who could not use the trains hit the roads with their private vehicles and the traffic was paralyzed.

The number of buses was increased, but not enough. The daily cost of the strike is 73 million dollars.

Union workers last went on strike in 1997 and it took 6 days for the deal to be reached.

Even though the parties are in search of solutions, it is curious to know how long the strike will take the city.

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