Samsun's Rail System Route Expanding

Samsun's Rail System Route Expanding
Deputy Secretary General of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt said that the rail system route between Gar-OMÜ will extend from Tekkeköy to the east and from Taflan to the west.
Deputy Secretary General of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt gave information about the work of his institution at the Provincial Coordination Board meeting. Deputy Secretary General Yurt, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, in the third quarter of 2013, a total of 3 projects are carried out under 7 groups. 99 of these are carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality and 80 by the General Directorate of SASKİ. ”
Stating that the Samsun light rail project is 15.7 kilometers long and starts from Gar and ends before the Rector's Office, Yurt said, “60 trams serve in the system that reaches an average daily capacity of 16 thousand passengers. As planned, in order to increase the travel comfort of the 15.7 km line and to meet the passenger demand during peak hours, 5 more 40 meters of low-based 401 passenger train tender was held. The contract was signed with the Chinese CNR company on 17 December 2012. Trams, of which 1 million 500 thousand euros are purchased, will start to be delivered after 6 months and delivery of all trams will be completed within 8 months. In addition, 23 buses were purchased for rail system feeding and transfer services and ring bus lines were established. The number of passengers carried by these buses reached around 12 thousand daily. We do not have a problem with the rail system at the moment, "he said.
Stating that the Samsun light rail line will be extended, Yurt said, “The decision was made at the 10th meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting on 2011 October 17 to extend the Samsun light rail line to the airport on the east side and Taflan on the west side. In this context, the rail system infrastructure will be made first in the section from Gar to Tekkeköy, and the trolley bus will be operated on the mentioned route for a certain period of time. Trolley bus vehicles will have a capacity of 24 passengers for 220 meters. The difference of the mentioned vehicles from the metrobus is that they will be operated with electricity. Currently, feasibility studies related to the project are ongoing. In the first place, we will do the work up to Tekkeköy. ”
Stating that a total of 55 buildings will be demolished within the scope of the Saathane project, Yurt gave the following information: “In the project, which covers an area of ​​7 thousand 900 square meters, all the buildings except for the registered buildings will be demolished and the historical texture will be revealed and a more beautiful place will be brought to our city. Saathane Square project includes Buğday Pazarı Street, İhsaniye Street, Patlıcan Pazarı Street, Eski Telgrafhane Street, Çarıkcılar Street, Balık Pazarı Street. Evacuation and demolition of the shops that we have already taken over from the Foundations are carried out. Here, there are also buildings belonging to foundations and on the historical texture and destroying them. In this context, a total of 13 buildings, 14 of which were foundation structures, were destroyed. The number of structures to be demolished at the end of the project will reach 38, of which 55 are at the stage of action. With a project of 10 million TL worth of expropriation in total, Saathane Square will become a history and tourism area that will be suitable for Samsun and represent Samsun. Taking this historical texture, this important center of our city, and the public interest into consideration, Saathane Square will be brought to the people of Samsun.

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