Rizede Against The First Cable Car accident

Rized in the first cable car accident occurred in the town of Rize in the village of Ballidere in the Southsu district Zülal YAZAR (44) repairing the primitive cable car line for the load of cargo from the field was seriously injured during repair.

Zülal YAZAR (44) repairing the cable car line in Ballıdere village of Güneysu district of Rize. the main secret of the cable car on the elevation of the main rides without loosening the main jar passed through the new and his new leg could not move to break the broken arm was hit the writer's head.Zazar was seriously injured by the blow of the head.

Injury to her neck, nose, teeth and jawbone received severe damage. 112 emergency service called to the accident instead of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University education and research hospital were removed by treatment.
It was learned that the author was not in danger of his life.

Source : www.rizeninsesi.net

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