The rail is no different than the reality (Photo Gallery)

How long could you work on a miniature that you started as a hobby? Five months, one year, come on maximum five years Beş

US Bruce Williams Zaccagnino gave the full 16 year for the train miniature, which he rolled up to spare his spare time. Zaccagnino, who bought eight hectares of land in Flemington in the state of New Jersey, built the 100 train, 400 bridge and 3 close to a thousand houses for art work called 'one of the wonders of the world'. American Zaccagnino 18 or 19 hours running a day, without touching his miniature, even touching a day does not touch, reveals his fondness. Zaccagnino, who also spent millions of dollars on his miniature work, reports that his project was approved by the Guinness Book of Records and is the largest of its kind. Countless people came to see the railroad called 'Northlandz'. Zaccagnino said that many famous people visited and admired the miniature of people and said that he said 'one of the seven wonders of the world'.

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