Rough construction is over, Halic metro crossing bridge is ready for planting

Rough construction is over, the Golden Horn subway transition bridge is ready for planting: the Golden Horn Metro crossing bridge has also come to an end. 29 bridge scheduled to open in October, but also Turkey's first metro bridge. Cost 147 million euros.

While entering the last bend in large-scale projects that will solve the transportation of Istanbul, the Haliç Metro crossing bridge, which will provide the most important integration in the metropolitan metro network, has come to an end. Following the completion of the rough construction, electro-mechanical works of the bridge began. The bridge, which will be put into service with a ceremony on October 29, Republic Day and the mechanisms on which the rails will be laid, will connect Unkapanı and Azapkapı. While the Istanbul metro and the bridge will provide uninterrupted transportation to the Yenikapı transfer station, it will be possible to transfer to the Marmaray and Aksaray-Airport light metro lines in Yenikapı. Gülermak Heavy Industry and Contracting Inc. and the 13-meter bridge built 430 meters above the sea in partnership with Astaldi Spa, there are two 47-meter carrier towers. In order to avoid any collapse in the bridge, the floor of which was slime, the tower feet were sunk and fixed to the bottom of 110 meters from the sea floor. Taksim-Yenikapı 8, Osmanbey-Üsküdar 22, Osmanbey-Kadıköy It will be possible to reach 28, Maslak-Kartal 71 and Airport-Maslak in 56 minutes. Once the bridge is completed, it will cost 147 million euros.


Istanbul Metro will reach the Yenikapı Transmission Station without any interruption. Transfer to Marmaray and Aksaray-Airport light metro lines will be provided in Yenikapı. The bridge is expected to use 1 million passengers per day.

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