Regulation on Rail Level Crossings

Regulation on Rail Level Crossings
Railway level crossings will not be constructed on new roads and where train speeds exceed 160 kilometers / hour.

The “Regulation on Measures to be Taken and Application Principles in Railway Level Crossings” prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was published in the current issue of the Official Gazette and entered into force.

According to the regulation, railway level crossing and approach roads will be responsible for the construction of the roads in accordance with the regulation and the institutions and establishments to which the highway is connected.

The maintenance and repair of railway level crossings will be carried out by Tcdd on behalf of the institution responsible for the passage and the related costs will be collected from the institutions or establishments that the highway is connected to. The institutions or organizations to which the road is connected will be responsible and authorized to put the traffic signs on these level crossings.

- Places that cannot open the gate

According to the regulation, level crossing will not be possible on new roads and where train speeds exceed 160 kilometers / hour.

Five meters from the road vehicle to the railroad, the distance between the two sides of the railroad is less than 500 meters, the rail vehicle is below the 750 meter in both directions, the rail curve radius is below the 500 meter. at least at the 30-meter, the vehicle road and railway intersection angle of the 70-grade, 110-grade rail crossing will not be allowed.

The minimum distance between the two railway level crossings is 5 thousand meters outside the settlement, less than a thousand meters in settlements. A second railway level crossing will not be possible at these distances.

The numbers of the "Railway Emergency Warning Line" telephones on both sides of the railway level crossings will be placed on the highway, and the phrase "Caution Railway" will be added under the locomotive or barrier sign under the approach signs on the highway.

Governors will determine the cruise moment

The existing railway level crossings will be made to comply with this regulation by the TCDd once a year to become an annual 3 from the date of the entry into force of the regulation and to be financed from the Ministry budget.

The highways, municipalities and special provincial administrations using the gate will inform the governorships of the average daily number of vehicles passing through the passage every year until the end of April. Governorships, after determining the torque of the relevant institutions and organizations that use the road in writing by giving a written notice to take measures against the torque.

Pedestrians and disabled citizens at the crossroads of the settlements at the crossroads in order to ensure a comfortable passage on both sides of the passage at least 100 centimeter wide pedestrian path will be made.

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