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📩 27/11/2018 17:23

High Speed ​​Train Campaign: Supporting ATSO's High Speed ​​Train Campaign From Manavgat and Alanya. Members of Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Antalya Commodity Exchange Boards and Parliament Presidency Council, together with Burdur and Isparta, also made a visit to Manavgat and Alanya, He wished success to the newly elected Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board of Directors.

During the visits, regional problems and solution proposals were discussed, and ATSO President Budak gave information about Antalya High Speed ​​Train Campaign. Manavgat TSO Chairman Ahmet Boztaş and Alanya TSO President Mehmet Şahin, supported the campaign with their signatures. The first stop of the ATSO and the ATB delegation was Manavgat Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Manavgat TSO President Ahmet Boztaş and Parliament Speaker Kerim Erdem and Board Members hosted the Antalya delegation in the Assembly Hall. Speaking at the visit, ATSO President Budak wished success to the President of MATSO Ahmet Boztaş and Parliament Speaker Kerim Erdem. Emphasizing the importance of continuing unity and togetherness among all the dynamics of the city in recent times, Budak pointed out that Botanik EXPO, one of the most important organizations in the world, was brought to Antalya as a result of this draw.

Expressing that they see EXPO 2016 as a development project of not only Antalya but also Alanya, Burdur and Isparta, Budak said that they absolutely want to start the railway and High Speed ​​Train studies within the scope of EXPO 2016 studies. ALANYA HIGHWAY IS OVER 25 YEARS, but chaos continues Budak said that the Antalya-Alanya highway was completed in 25 years, but that there was chaos in transportation, and that rail transportation must be included in the program on this route.

Stating that they started a signature campaign to put the high-speed train studies on the agenda with EXPO 2016, Budak said, “We call Antalya tourism the pupil, but it is 16th in the accessibility index. Rail is needed to eliminate this. We want to start the Antalya-Alanya, Manavgat-Konya, Konya-Istanbul line high speed train project as soon as possible. We should also include the high-speed train in the projects envisaged for EXPO 2016 Antalya. It is said that there are 2016 years left for 2,5. The important thing is to reveal a will and start the project immediately.

Antalya-Alanya connection is insufficient in tourism transportation. High speed train is a must, ”he said. Budak also said that EXPO 2016, which will be the lifeblood of the regional development, should be explained to the local people in the most beautiful way from Gazipaşa to Kaş. Budak said that most of the people will not be able to respond when they say EXPO 2016 Antalya in Manavgat, Alanya, Serik and Gazipaşa. “EXPO2016 Antalya has not been fully explained to the local people until today. If we go out and ask a lot of people in Manavgat and Alanya, if we ask what is EXPO Antalya 2016, he will either say 'I don't know' or he will answer what he is. Therefore, we must explain it to our people well. ” "GEOGRAPHICAL SIGN" HIGHLIGHT FROM ÇANDIR ATB President Ali Çandır said that geographical sign application is important to highlight the Antalya name for product brand promotion.

In this context, Çandır, who stated that Finike orange is an example for the application of geographically marked products, noted that they will add Manavgat sesame in the coming days. Noting that the rooms and exchanges in the region are acting with the contribution of BAGEV, Çandır said, “I hope this partnership will continue in the new period as well. He announced that it will be held in September 4. The exhibition is aimed at branding local products bell, indicating that Turkey's ownership, "Turkey has the product to be awarded throughout the three thousand geographical indication. There is a serious potential for local products in our region. We will work together to get them geographical indications.

We need to take care of our values ​​together. ” Ali Çandır, who asked MATSO President Ahmet Boztaş to settle on agricultural fields, said, “We need to protect the new agricultural lands in order to prepare a greener and more beautiful environment for the next generations.” Reminding that MATSO showed great interest in the Local Products Fair held in the past years, Çandır stated that Manavgat sesame is a geographical sign study. FULL SUPPORT FROM MANAVGAT TSO MATSO President Ahmet Boztaş also expressed his satisfaction with the visit.

Stating that they appreciate ATSO's efforts to bring rail to the region, Boztaş said that they support the High Speed ​​Train Signature Campaign and are ready to support their members. Reminding that they started to work for the geography of Manavgat sesame as MASİAD, Akdeniz University and MATSO, he said, “We will apply for the geography of Manavgat in the coming days”. MATSO President Ahmet Boztaş and Parliament Speaker Kerim Erdem and council members later signed petitions to the campaign.

While thanking MATSO President Boztaş, ATSO President Budak and ATB President Çandır for their visit, he presented a plaque and basket with local products of Manavgat in memory of the day. While ATSO President Budak presented Boztaş with the book “Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Past to Present”, ATB President Çandır gave the “Antalya International Geographical Signs Seminar” book with the local jams of Antalya. Ali Çandır, wanted to include olive oil in the Ramadan packages to be distributed in Ramadan, and noted that the promotion of olive oil will be emphasized during this period.

ALANYA REQUIRES NATURAL GAS ATSO and ATB delegation visited Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and wished success in their duties by saying "Good luck" to the newly elected President of ALTSO Mehmet Şahin and Board Members. Referring to the importance of dialogue and inter-institutional cooperation in his speech here, ATSO President Çetin Osman Budak stated that Antalya has accomplished good works by acting together with the districts of Antalya and said that the Local Products Fair, Agriculture Council, Promotion Inc. are the best examples of this. Stating that the fourth of the Local Products Fair launched under the leadership of ATB will be held this year, Budak said, “Our TOBB President Hisarcıklıoğlu has a very good saying. "The bird flies with the procession," says our president. We also care about unity and solidarity.

The Local Products Fair is one of the most concrete indicators of this. We are bringing together the whole of Turkey in Antalya. Kars' cheese, Sivas's kangan and Finike's orange meet. ” Budak said that the branding efforts of Antalya tomato still continues. "These are the things that come out with unity and solidarity," said Budak. ATSO President Budak provided information about the high speed train campaign and asked for support from ALTSO President Şahin. In his speech, ATB President Ali Çandır stated that Antalya has serious values ​​as well as deformed values. We should also be the flag-bearer of Antalya abroad. We should make our culture of acting together a ceiling. We have no doubt that you will take a serious part in this team.

We always dream of being together in all kinds of projects. ” Alanya TSO President Mehmet Şahin expressed his satisfaction with the visit and drew attention to the importance of unity and solidarity. "Our locomotive is the same, agriculture, tourism, construction," said Şahin. Noting that they also set out with the discourse of unity and solidarity, Şahin said, "We will work accordingly." Şahin asked the supporters for the extension of the natural gas line in Antalya to Alanya, while he said that he would give his support to the Fast Train Campaign for the participation of Alanya tradesmen and people.

ATB President Ali Çandır and ACCI President Çetin Osman Budak then Turkey Journalists Federation (TGF) Deputy Chairman and Antalya Journalists Association (AGC) President Mehmet Ali visited the dimer. Budak asked Dim for support for EXPO 2016 Antalya, one of the world's most important organizations, and high-speed train. Dim said, "There will be no EXPO without Alanya," and suggested opening an EXPO office in Alanya with the support of ALTSO. Dim also supported the high-speed train campaign.

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