Uzbekistan builds rail network

Uzbekistan is building a railway network: The attempt to build the railway in Uzbekistan's Fergana valley as an alternative to the road on the Tajikistan border has accelerated.

The 2 200 will be at the height of 125 meters and 2 will be a mile long. The cost of the Angren X Pan railway project is XNUMX billion dollars.

It is noted that the construction of the new railway in Uzbekistan will take 3 years, while the railway is planned to be opened in 2016.

Commercial transportation in the region, which is the only means of road transport, is both difficult and time-consuming, resulting in price increases in products. With the opening of the new railway, many facilities will be provided in the commercial area.

Fergana is the most populous region of the country with a population of 10 million.

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