Ordu Rail system line should be from Güiralı to Efirli

Ordu Rail system line should be from Güirali to Efirli: Ufuk Ünal, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ordu, stated that there should be a rail system in Ordu.

Expressing that there should be a rail system in Ordu, Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council President Ufuk Ünal stated that the rail system would be a need for urban transportation in the metropolitan Ordu.

Expressing that Ordu is a metropolitan city, Ünal said that it is a very convenient project that can be considered in terms of transportation; “Our university is developing day by day. Over time, there will be a huge increase in the number of students. When you look at the urban transportation, traffic is blocked even now. Our roads and streets are not used properly. ” said.

“The project must be from Efirli to Gülyalı”

Stating that he is pleased to bring such issues to the agenda and inform the public, Ünal said: kazanI would like to thank Ordu Hayat newspaper for leading the army in order to These are really important issues for Ordu, for the city we live in. I think journalism should be done this way. Keeping up with the services to be done in Ordu, bringing them to the agenda and creating public opinion are very important initiatives in terms of investment. In addition, as you know, our ring road is also being built. Hopefully it will be over soon. Maybe this road seems insufficient for now, but when the ring road is started to be used, it will be a great relief. If a suitable project including the airport from Efirli to Gülyalı is considered, our people will be able to use the rail system very easily. If it takes part in such a project as a continuation of this project up to the airport in Giresun, Ordu and Giresun will be connected. As Ordu Chamber of Commerce, I can say that if such a project is started, we will always support it”.

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  1. It has been the year 2017 in the "Metropolitan Ordu" transportation is still provided by a minibus. First, bring a bus and stop the tram.