The death penalty of the former railways minister in China


The former Minister of Railways
In China, former Railways Minister Liu Cıcün was given a two-year suspended death sentence for abuse of office and bribery. Former Railways Minister Liu received more than $ 25 million in bribes for 10 years.

According to the decision of the Intermediate People's Court No. 60 in the capital Beijing, XNUMX-year-old Liu was deprived of all his political rights and his property was confiscated for taking bribes.

It was noted that Liu took advantage of his position in local railway administrations between 1986 and 2011 and during his ministry, getting promoted to 11 people, helping in projects and cargo tenders.

During his tenure at Liu, he launched the world's longest high-speed railway line of nearly 10 thousand kilometers.

The former minister announced that he received a bribe of 64,6 million yuan (10,53 million USD) during his term in office.

While Liu was a minister, his relatives broke the law and won some tenders. kazanIt is stated that this situation ensures that the family and relatives are also unfairly affected by this situation. kazanIt was stated that he obtained three.

The court underlined that Liu's crimes were proven by conclusive evidence and events, and ruled that he should be punished according to the law.

Liu Cıcün took office as the Minister of Railways in 2003 and pioneered the project to expand the country's high-speed train and train networks with multi-billion-dollar investments.

Liu became the highest-level government official sentenced as part of the fight against corruption after Xi Jinping became president in March.

Ministry of Railways, one of the strongest institutions in the country, was removed in March when the cabinet was unveiled and united under the Ministry of Transport.

China, the CCP Congress held last year and the presidential change in March this year, first of all the corruption in the party, said it would combat abuse and bureaucracy.

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