A Railway Underpass is Built in Ödemiş, Üç Eylül District

Railway underpass is being built in Üç Eylül Neighborhood in Ödemiş: Work started for the pedestrian underpass on Demrail Street in Üç Eylül District of Ödemiş. As a result of the works started at night when there are no train services, the north and south of the Üç Eylül District, which is almost divided into two due to the iron barriers installed around the railway, will reunite.

TCDD 3. The construction company that won the tender in the Regional Directorate came to Railway Street the previous evening and started to work. The first job was to cut the iron barriers and after the train expeditions, the rails were dismantled and the contractor teams formed the temporary railway bridge called 12 meters. Excavation excavations were carried out for the pedestrian underpass before the first train in the morning. Due to the intensity of the train services, it is reported that the expected trainings will take place only at night.

The pedestrian underpass will be laid in the coming days, until the foundation of the trains will pass through the bridge called the transfer of the construction site manager Murat Süzer, temel The suspension bridge will be used until the foundation. Then, the construction of the bridge with concrete floor will be suspended. The height of the underpass will be 2 centimeters, while the width will be 25 meters. We would like to complete the work that will take place at night conditions within the 3 month and present the subway to the service of our people. Citizens living in the region during the work in the field are requesting that they do not enter the field, vatandaş he said.

Announcing that they made an effort to make this underpass for about 9 months, Bekir Uşaklı, the muhtars of Üç Eylül District, said, yapıl It is very gratifying to begin the work for the underpass which will be the solution to the iron barriers that have been dividing for months. Our students, who walk a few meters to get to Kantarci, where there are places such as school, health center and neighborhood house, will be able to cross this subway easily. In the coming days, with the expulsion of the foundation, the process will accelerate and the underpass will gradually emerge. We thank those who contributed and wish them better in the name of our neighborhood. E

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