Eskişehir's New Tram Lines Will Operate on 25 Date 2014 Date

📩 27/11/2018 17:27

Eskişehir's New Tram Lines 25 January 2014 Date of the operation of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Eskisehir Light Rail System Enterprise (ESTRAM) 20 to move to the new neighborhood, while an unexpected obstacle in the new lines will be operational 25 January 2014 date said.

According to the information provided by the Metropolitan Municipality, the works of the extension works of the trolley extension lines were completed and the 1 part of the 2013 July 65 was completed. Yildiztepe-Yenikent-Cankaya, Labor-71 Evler and Batıkent-Çamlıca extension lines of the work is not an unexpected obstacle 25 2014 1 terminated in the date of the lines of the authorities who are planning to commence the operation, 2013 July 35 89 37 date worth approximately XNUMX million pounds of progress payment has been reached, The total contract price of the work is about XNUMX million XNUMX thousand pounds reported.


According to the financial and economic feasibility studies of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality urban transportation and public transportation system extension lines, passenger transport capacity with new lines is expected to increase by approximately 35. Ur On existing lines, the average number of 47 passengers are transported per year, this is the 95 2012 34 314 533 XNUMX XNUMX a year old, N he said.


The new lines of the 20 more secure and comfortable urban transportation facilities will provide more than the neighborhood stating that the authorities, the introduction of tram lines, the use of oil-dependent wheeled vehicles in urban transport will decrease, the tram will reduce the intensity of traffic in the regions they told. Authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality, who stated that the tram system will be expanded with new lines in the following periods, stated that;


Ik We made the current tramway route of 95 kilometers benefited by 16 a thousand people a day in Eskişehir, including major points such as universities, hospitals, intercity bus terminal and main spine. The extension lines to be added to this line will cover the various regions of the city as capillaries feeding this main spine. As the public opinion of Eskişehir will remember, construction works of the lines that are currently under construction are approved, while similar projects of other provinces have been approved, while the 4 year has been delayed in SPO. For this reason, we can start working with 4 years delayed. If this delay did not occur, the additional lines have already been put into service and we will be working for the third stage additional lines. Our primary goal is to complete the ongoing work as soon as possible and to integrate the new lines into the existing system. Tramway system will be further expanded with new lines.

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