Moscow and Kaliningrad fast connecting by train

Moscow and Kaliningrad are connected by high-speed train: It is reported that Moscow and Kaliningrad are thought to be connected by a high-speed train line across Lithuania.

In a statement from the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Lithuania, the Russian side of the high-speed train now 22 hour, not as 12 hour is reported to complete the thought. In order to realize this idea, the existing railway line should be modernized and the infrastructure of the railway lines in Kaliningrad, Belarus and Lithuania should be renewed.

As is known, some of the matches will be played in Kaliningrad in the 2018 World Football Championship in Russia.

The length of the Moscow Kaliningrad railway route 1,285 is a thousand kilometers, this road is the 219 kilometer going through Lithuania.

Source : the www.gazetem.r

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