The first metro line outside Moscow will be held in Khimki

The first metro line outside Moscow will be held in Khimki
Moscow-governor Andrei Vorobyov told reporters that the first metron in the vicinity of Moscow would go in 2015, and the first line would be to the airport of Sheremetyovo.

The first light rail to reach the settlement in the immediate vicinity of Moscow will go to the metro Khimki. Vorobyov said that the line will go to the airport of Sheremetyovo and said that the metro will go above and below the ground not because of the high costs.

The subway project, which will go to settlements in the immediate vicinity of Moscow, will be ready in August and will start its first expedition in 2015.

Vorobyov stressed that the light rail subway will cost about 240 billion rubles and said that the necessary resource for the project will leave the Federal and regional budget.

The subway, which will go to the settlements in the vicinity of Moscow, will go to the 10 settlement and 200-300 will benefit thousands of people.

Vorobyov, in July, the administration will prepare a presentation and when, where to go in which cities and in which intervals will be set up stations will be noted.

Source : the www.gazetem.r

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