What happens if the metrobus is in the subway? Here are the answers

What happens if the metrobus is in the subway Here are the answers: We asked the experts; Can the metro line be installed on the Metrobus line?
What happens if the metrobus becomes a metro? Here is the opinion of experts… Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who opened the Reşitpaşa-Kuruçeşme underpass in Avcılar, said, “We built a metrobus line. Get in here KadıköyYou can go as far as. It is so busy that it is time to turn the metrobus into the metro. We are currently doing metro projects. We are starting the metro works that will go to Beylikdüzü. "It is the subway that will solve the main problem." We asked the experts, here are the answers ...

'How long should you take the Metro?'
Former TCDD General Manager Gazi University Department of Labor Economics Vedat BİLGİN:
I am very positive about the construction of METRO. For one thing, I find it right to give importance to railway vehicles and metro in public transportation. I have not technically studied that route. I don't know if there will be any problem. The Metropolitan Municipality has covered significant distances both in urban transportation and in the construction of the metro. I see the construction of the metro very positively. No matter how long it takes, the subway must be built. The operability of the urban transportation system, which is absolutely based on the railway infrastructure. kazanneed cost. It doesn't matter how long the subway construction takes. Turkey has a good technical infrastructure and manpower in the railway and transportation system.

'Bike to sea transportation alternatives should be studied'
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of City and Regional Planning Assoc. Dr. Kevser ÜSTÜNDAĞ:

Without studying these studies, it is not possible to say yes or no at the moment without the regional zone practices of these studies. In particular, there are day-to-day decisions in studies conducted since 2010. The project itself needs to be studied. It is necessary to calculate the comfort level. These decisions are positive decisions. We had a bus-priority system at 1971. Taksim-Levent, the mainland Cebeci Dikimeve Line was the bus priority system, the necessary route studies were made, the necessary desires were created after the lines were converted into subways. Istanbul needs a lot more metro, but we need to offer all kinds of alternatives. The third bridge, subway, bicycle paths, integration, metro system accessible by pedestrians. I need a serious study. Local attention should be paid. We should not make it necessary to say that our local people are using the metro more intensively. But everything needs to be integrated within the system. As long as you provide access, people have to flow to public transport where they are more easily accessible or where they are conditioned. It is necessary to explore this by exploring, not just to connect to a stream. The decision-makers have the power to present the alternatives. When you offer alternatives, the metrobus cannot cross the bridge, but instead of the sea, the metrobüs can also flow into the highways. The whole system needs to be solved.

'People loved the metrobus more than the cost of the metron'
Head of Istanbul Studies Department and Dean of Marmara University Faculty of Political Sciences. Dr. Recep BOZLAĞAN:
METROBUS route starts from Beylikdüzü and continues until Söğütlüçeşmeye. On the Bosphorus crossing, the Golden Horn crossing. A detailed analysis is required to install a subway line. There are metro lines and metro lines projects parallel to some of the Metrobus line. A subway line from Bakırköy, E-5 to Beylikdüzü. When this is built, there is a line project that will be completely parallel from the vicinity of Bahçelievler. ? I wonder if Mr. Topbaş will build a new metro line, cross a new line, cross the Golden Horn, what will be the Bosphorus crossing? Is it something integrated with Marmaray? ' Find the answer to the questions. I think the continuation of the Metrobus line is necessary. I loved Istanbul metrobus. Metrobus is a more human transportation system. You don't go underground, you can reach the station with overpasses. The Metrobus line should be reinforced. Boredom, not the use of metrobus is not the absence of alternative BRT lines. Why is the second bridge from the second bridge, from Hadimkoy to Aksaray, not built on the coastal road? People of Istanbul loved metrobus. Metrobus carries 3-4 times more passengers in the metro. The cost of the metrobus mile 5 million dollars, the metro's 80 million dollars. Metrobus metro 16 floor cheap, should not be removed. He may need to invest at least 5 billion dollars for the metro on line. The Eagle metro 20 was a few kilometers and 1.5 spent more than a billion dollars, at least 60 kilometers.

You can't pass the metro from the 'Bosphorus Bridge'
Urban Rail Systems Specialist ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering Faculty Member Dr. Haluk GERÇEK:
There is a subway project between Bakırköy and Beylikdüzü. Under the E-5, Mr. Topbaş mentioned this metro line project which will connect Bakırköy to Beylikdüzü. Metrobus passes Sogutlucesme through the Bosphorus Bridge. It is not possible for the metro to cross the Bosphorus Bridge. In addition, the opening of the Republic Day, the Bosphorus crossing at the first stage will be provided by Marmaray tube passage. Only the 5 station between the tube section, on the Anatolian side of Abraham, the European side of the Kazlıçeşme station will begin to operate.

'Metro is not tram'
Erhan DEMİRDÜZEN, Chairman of the Chamber of Urban Planners of Istanbul
The idea of ​​transforming the METROBUS route into a subway has been put forward. No such work has been integrated into transport decisions and transport decisions to date. Just before the 2009 election metrobus came up, then 'This is not a permanent investment, not meet the need after a short time' we said. Now 4 is saying the system is over the years and they are still offering the metro project when entering the election. But the problem with the metrobus will cause problems in the subway. The slope will have to go underground, but from what we understand, there is no subway path that will pass through underground. Technically, the slope reduces the speed of the subway. I suspect the subway will be built by a subway. The cost of a tram to run on the ground is higher than the metrobus. In addition, the tram will not be able to carry passengers in the BRT. Istanbul's subway will be a metro station, which is connected to Marmaray with the name of subway, but actually works as a tram.

'Monorail is both cheap and quick'
Architect Dr. Ahmet Vefik ALP:
SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME - Beylikdüzü Of course, the metro can be done but a very costly work. There are lines in London and Paris that length. But the cost and duration are very long. Of course, the following question comes to mind: If the metrobus was not the right solution, why was it such a big investment? Due to the opening of the BRT, the E-5 entered the private side of the road and the municipality pays serious compensation to private individuals. I wrote and drew it, and “Metrobus is not the right solution. At least monorail on the poles, let's do it. Metrobus is not a modern solution for a tire-wheeled vehicle. Let's get to the rail system. Metro is very expensive and can make it slow. In that respect, let's do the monorail system that goes on the poles üzerinde. Now that I come to the point that I am told, it hurts me in the name of Istanbulites. The advantage of the monorail; you are not connected to the road, a system that can go from the left to the right of the road. You're not going under the floor and making it much cheaper and faster. You're seeing the city on the monorail. For that reason, the monorail was the right solution in Söğütlüçeşme-Beylikdüzü line. If the subway is done, we will have to ignore the 10 yearly period. In this respect, I am renewing my offer. Let's go with this monorail, let's expand E-5. The monorail has the opportunity to cross the Bosphorus Bridge. He's never going to drive. However, the BRT is forced to enter the traffic on the bridge. Crossover tunnels underneath the bridge were made on both sides of the bridge as the metrobus flowed back to normal traffic. Very large resources have been consumed, so the BRT is on the bridge so that it passes to the normal traffic lane. The monorail solved all this. The monorail is more advantageous in 5 than 1 in terms of both cost and time.

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