Sued to the Metrobus insult

Metrobus insult lawsuit: He was taken to court when he sent an abusive e-mail to Beyaz Masa. The young man who sent abusive mail to the White Table by getting angry with the BRT advertisement that gave the message of 'comfortable and comfortable travel', was sued for 2 years in prison.

The metrobus, which hundreds of thousands of people use for transportation in Istanbul every day, was the subject of a lawsuit this time. The metrobus advertisement, in which actor Vatan Şaşmaz starred in 2012, caused great controversy. During the days when the discussions about the ad about the 'super comfortable' journey in the metrobus were continuing, an e-mail was sent to the White Desk service of the IMM, saying, "You will make the BRT advertisement that you will make, your child, and your understanding of the municipality." Thereupon, the IETT General Directorate, the university student determined to send the mail, Ozan Ü. filed a criminal complaint against. In his petition, Ali İncekara, a lawyer filing a criminal complaint to the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office on behalf of the IETT General Directorate, stated that the organization, which has a regulatory and supervisory role in public transportation in Istanbul, has a respectable place and facilitates the daily life of the people.

'I've never been on the METROBÜSE'
Lawyer İncekara, from the computer whose IP number was determined, Ozan Ü. He noted that a person named White Table insulted both the institution and the actor who played in the advertisement with an e-mail with swearing content. Stating that the mail in question cannot be evaluated within the scope of freedom of criticism and expression, the lawyer demanded that the suspect be punished. 21-year-old Ozan Ü., Whose statement was taken by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office, stated that his family lives in Istanbul, that he is a second-year student at Ankara Gazi University and that he never got on the metrobus, and argued that he was not the person who sent the mail. At the end of the prosecutor's investigation, Ozan Ü. He filed a lawsuit demanding a prison sentence of 1 to 2 years for 'insulting a public official due to his duty'. Within the scope of the investigation, it was learned that Vatan Şaşmaz, whose name was not mentioned in the mail but meant by saying "the actor playing in the advertisement", did not make any complaint.

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