Metro crossing bridge closes the skyline of Suleymaniye Mosque

Metro crossing bridge closes the skyline of Suleymaniye Mosque
The skyline of Istanbul, which has been home to great states and civilizations for thousands of years, is hit by a bridge for the subway that will pass through Galata after the 3 skyscraper in Zeytinburnu.

13 meters in height, 936 meters in length and 47 meters carrying the bridge carrying towers, the image of the Suleymaniye Mosque closes. When we look at the Suleymaniye Mosque from the angle of Sokullu Mosque at the beginning of the Unkapani bridge, the towers and ropes of the bridge close the Suleymaniye Mosque. The same view can be seen in the direction of Feshane-Eminönü.

The Taksim-Yenikapı metro line, which is planned to be completed by 29 October, will consist of 5.2 stations with a length of 4 km. In order to avoid any collapse in the bridge, the floor of which was slime, the tower feet were sunk and fixed up to 110 meters from the seabed. The Golden Horn metro bridge, which will connect Ayazağa Metro and Marmaray, will be added to Ayazağa metro in Taksim, Marmaray and Airport metro connections in Yenikapı. After the project is completed, 8 minutes between Taksim and Yenikapı, Osmanbey-Kadıköy The distance between 28, Osmanbey-Üsküdar 22, Airport-Maslak 56 and Maslak-Kartal can be covered in 71 minutes. The bridge, which connects Unkapanı and Azapkapı, cost about 150 million Euros.

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