Marmarayın Hafriyatı Spilled in Çınarcık Pit

The Excavation of the Marmaray was Poured into the Çınarcık Pit: 1 million cubic meters of excavation from the Marmaray Project, which was planned to be opened in October, was poured into the Çınarcık Pit, which is located in Çınarcık off the coast.

The countdown has started for the opening of the 4 October in the Marmaray Project, which will reduce the crossing between the continents to the 29 minute from the bottom of the Bosphorus. 2 Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk Ibrahim Ozmen explained that the project, which will start test drives in August, has very important technological details. Özmen stated that a number of suitable excavations, which are suitable for their geology, are used in the production of the project after the necessary processes are completed. Ozmen, the project will work in the scope of all employees, especially the mechanics, said that the training.

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