Amsterdam model in Manisya light rail transportation system

Manisya light rail transport system in Amsterdam model: The Capacity Building for EU Projects (VABPro), one of the pilot provinces of 20 and showing the most progress in the project, in this context is one of the most serious problems of the city in Sweden's Linköping, light rail In the case of transport systems, Amsterdam will also examine the systems implemented by the cities of the Netherlands.

The Project for Building Capacity for EU Affairs in the Governorships organized by the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the European Union (VABPro) continues in the pilot provinces of 20, including Manisa. Within the scope of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, the project consists of 8 ambulances developed for the purpose of realizing the projects realized in the accession process to the European Union, ensuring the follow-up of the projects and increasing the service capacity of the governorships on EU related issues in order to better understand the EU membership process.


The EU and International Relations Office of the Governor of the project completed the training needs analysis of the province. Providing information about the project Governorate EU and Foreign Affairs Coordinator Ural Sevener, Manisa is one of the fastest-moving provinces in the project, he said.

Ural Sevener said that they completed the second leg of the project which has a budget of 2 Million Euro and completed the Certificate of EU Expertise Training. Ural Sevener said that following the Training of Trainers Training for EU Projects, Capacity Development Activities will be determined in the areas needed by the city by taking advantage of the needs analysis study.


Sevener stated that the City Twinning Program will be implemented with the EU member cities where there are examples in Europe that are missing in Manisa and the recycling facilities and light rail transportation systems in Manisa are determined as the priority. EU Projects Coordinator Ural Sevener has announced that Sweden will be taking the example of Linköping, the recycling facility, which produces electricity from the garbage and meets the electricity needs of about 250 thousand houses and starts to import garbage from Norway.

Manisa Municipality is planning to do in the center of the city in the light of the light rail system in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, which successfully applies this system, which will be paired with the recording Sevener, said the investigation for other 2 mapping city.


Sevener said that the 4 different city development project will be presented to the EU Ministry in September, after all of the districts, local authorities and the governor's office in Manisa have been received. En Following the approval of the project of the Ministry of EU, delegations to be formed of representatives of institutions and local administrations in Manisa will go to designated cities. Examples of these cities will be examined on-site applications, cities will be discussed with managers and information transfer. The information to be obtained from these cities will be an important road map for the construction of similar facilities in Manisa. Bu

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