When will the Manisa Fast Train project be implemented

When the Manisa High Speed ​​Train Project will be implemented: The third meeting of the Provincial Coordination Board's 2013 was held with the participation of the directors of the offices and institutions under the chairmanship of Governor Abdurrahman Savaş. High-speed train and construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel were the highlights of the meeting. DDY 3 for the high-speed train line. While Murat Bakır, Deputy Director of the Region, said that he did not have any knowledge about the subject, it was surprising that he was interested in the Sabuhcubeli Tunnel. Regional Director Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, Tunnel of Izmir, there is no problem, but the entrance to the tunnels expected to be entered in May in Manisa part of the lands could not be entered due to the landslide. Uraloglu, the tunnel is expected to be opened at the end of the year 2 said.

Provincial Coordination Board The third period of 2013 was held with the participation of the representatives of the directorates of the institution and department under the chairmanship of Governor Abdurrahman Savaş. The most noteworthy subjects in the meeting were the Fast Train project and the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which was eagerly awaited.

The third important project of Manisa is the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, said Uraoglu, 6 thousand 480 meters long tunnel in the left part of the tunnel tunnel drilling in the 413 meter, and the right tube tunnel 362 meters reached the meter, he said. Uraoğlu said that the drilling operation has not started yet in the Manisa part of the tunnel. Inda The entrance of the tunnel on Manisa side was made. 156 pieces bored pile. As of the end of May, the efforts to enter the tunnels would begin. However, due to the landslide in the right tube tunnel entrance, the works could not be started. Currently, a new project is being created for the protection and rescue of the tunnel. This will be a tender for the coming days. According to the first plans, the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which was planned to be completed in 2014, extended to the end of 2016 with the extension of the tunnel length and the increase of the distance.


Then we talked about DDY 3. Deputy Regional Director Murat Copper, Manisa gave information about their work within the boundaries of the province. Copper said that there are total 14 projects in the province of Manisa and their total cost is 93 million 272 thousand TL, while 2014 project includes 9 project. During the meeting, the Governor's question about the High Speed ​​Train project that will pass through the provincial borders of the Copper, said: ecek I am not familiar with the High Speed ​​Train. Our regional manager was attending the meeting. He was also expected to make a presentation on this subject. However, due to a topic could not attend the meeting, I had to attend. We can give more detailed information about this in the next meeting. Bu

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