High Speed ​​Train Discussion in Manisa Parliament

High Speed ​​Train Discussion in Manisa Parliament
Manisa Municipality July meeting was held.

The meeting, which was held under the chairmanship of Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergün, was held in the Manisa Municipality Cultural Site Assembly Hall. Speaking out of the agenda after the opening and attendance, Mayor Cengiz Ergün said that the tender for the Kenk Park Project of 19 million 924 thousand TL was made and the place was delivered to the relevant company 15 days ago. Ergün said, “10 million TL of this amount was provided from Iller Bank as a loan. The municipality will pay the rest from its safe. 300 days later, Manisa will have a huge social space. ” said.


Mehmet Güzgülü, MHP member of parliament, also asked for a speech to speak out of the agenda. Güzgülü argued that the 'high-speed train' project, which is planned to pass through Manisa, will divide the city into two. Saying that there are big walls around the area where the high speed train passes, Güzgülü said, “If it is going to pass the current train tracks, the city is divided into two. However, if we ensure that the high-speed train passes outside the city and not inside the city, this problem will disappear. If the railroad line existing in the city is transferred to the municipality, this line can be used to transport passengers in the city by electric trains. Thus, city traffic is also relieved. We need to do the necessary urgent work before this project is approved. The project of the high speed train should be done outside the city. If the project passes through the Ministry without asking us and getting our opinions, there will be great problems. ” noted in the form.

Speaking after Güzgülü, President Ergün stated that the issue should be discussed urgently with the Ministry of Transportation. But according to our senses, there are two options for speed train. First, the high-speed train line will not pass directly through the city, but through the Turgutlu District. Secondly, a new rail line will be constructed next to the ring road and will be crossed. But we have heard that there are some difficulties in expropriating the ring road. We should find a common solution to this problem by acting with the idea that there should be no politics in service. ” said.


Speaking about the issue, AK Party Group Vice President Ömer Çelik said that Güzgülü should not be worried that the city will be divided into two. Çelik said, “During the meeting we held with our AK Party deputies recently, they announced that the high-speed train would not be divided into two. They stated that a different project would be implemented and that the city would not be in trouble. Nobody needs to be inspired. The city cannot be divided into two. One of the Manisa Common Mind meetings will be held in the coming month of Ramadan. Our Mayor Cengiz Ergün can bring this issue back to the agenda there and find answers to the questions in the minds as a result of mutual negotiations. ” spoke in the form.

The agenda items were passed to the agenda after the non-agenda talks about the high-speed train. After the discussion of the agenda item 23 unanimously passed through the Municipal Assembly.

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