The Gaziantep tram line, which is a court, draws the city's transportation load

The Gaziantep tram line, which is a court, draws the city's transportation load
Transportation by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe tram, which has been brought up, draws the transportation burden of the city, although it is in court.
Two years ago, the city started to serve in the main areas of the tram in the first place by a team of people in the court against the court said that the Mayor of Gaziantep. Asim Guzelbey, ulaşım These trams, which are the courts, are taking the transportation load of Gaziantep today. 40 a thousand passengers per day. When the third stage is over, the daily 100 will be transported by a thousand passengers. Üçüncü

Public transport is very important and people should help in this application that expresses Güzelbey, the first 6 this year, the number of passengers riding on the tram 813 thousand, he said. Currently, the tram carries around 40 thousand passengers per day, indicating that Güzelbey, 3. With the introduction of the Stage Abraham line, the number of passengers will be 75 bin, with the commencement of the commuter line planned to be constructed at GATEM. Gaziantep, the need for continuous immigration, the need for transportation increased in this case stressed that Güzelbey, new buses and trams to resolve this problem, he said.

487 transfer to the bus on the bus, 100 pieces of natural gas environmentalist buses, 10 pieces of bellows, 10 pieces of the new tram, they are about to complete the purchase of the 28 tram tram is about to be completed and the addition of existing public buses and trams will solve the transportation problem of the city President Güzelbey, the period of the school opened After the studies, the transportation distress will be finished. Asking people to go to the workplace with public transport instead of their own private vehicles, Güzelbey said:

Demek If our citizens go to work with public transport instead of private vehicles, then we have reached the target. Our citizens use the vehicle on weekends and special days, both save fuel, parking lots, and also contribute to the solution of traffic problems. From this point of view, I believe that we have reached the goal as Gaziantep. In the past, people could go to GATEM at 1 hour. Now we promise to deliver people here in 15 minutes. With the 50 tram, the 30 kilometer tram, the new air-conditioned, modern and comfortable buses of 100, as well as the new buses of the minibuses, which will be replaced by the 487 bus, will completely solve the problem of transportation in Gaziantep this year. Citizen, with a single card, tram, public bus and dolmuşa ride.

Guzelbey, 2013 at the end of the year of Gaziantep, public buses, minibuses, tramways, underpasses, at crossroads and roads with the transformation in the road aimed to finish the problem, he said.

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