The locomotive of locomotive Moscow created controversy

The locomotive of the locomotive Moscow was a controversy: one of Russia's leading football teams, Locomotive Moscow, was heavily criticized for the pictures used in the promotional photos of their new team jerseys. In the promotional photos of their new jerseys, footballers are seen posing with different jerseys that the team will use. A large black locomotive is placed on the background of the players, with reference to the team's past.

The locomotive is a football team founded by railway workers in Moscow, 1922. The current sponsorship of the team is made by Russian State Railways.

Following the publication of the photographs, a blogger realized that the locomotive used in the background was a German-made "DR-Baureihe 1937" locomotive produced in 03 and used by the Nazis.

A few hours after the release of photographs of the locomotive Moscow's new jerseys, the locomotive in the photographs was removed, and the poses of football players introducing the jerseys in front of a plain black background were put on the club's website.

However, the Russian news site Lena managed to save this image before the locomotive in the photos was removed. According to Lena's news, the managers of the Locomotive Moscow team launched an investigation into the photos.

The blogger, who noticed the locomotive in the photographs, wrote a flushing article for Moscow, and cynically suggested that this locomotive be purchased and put into use on the Russian Railways. “Watching this locomotive will definitely be more fun than watching the team,” the author said.

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