Kütahya Trolleybus Project Ends

Kütahya Trolleybus Project Ends
It has been reported that the tender for the construction of the Trolleybus project in Kütahya will take place this year.

Within the scope of the Rail System project to be carried out by Kütahya Municipality, new developments have been recorded regarding the tender for the construction of the railway line between Germiyan Campus and Central Campus.

According to information received from the authorities, Istanbul Transportation Inc. The project will be delivered to the municipality in the next month. After the delivery of the projects and the completion of the approximate cost studies, the tender will be made for this year.

It was decided that the most suitable one for the rail system to be built in the east-west direction was taken in Gaziantep. For this reason, the rail system built in Gaziantep will be taken as an example.

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